My Little Pony: Friendship is Betrayal

Don't trust anypony!

The happiness of everypony in Equestria is but a facade. Behind the smiling faces of the seemingly happy residents of Ponyville lies a more sinister truth. The story follows Twilight Sparkle as she seeks to de-throne Princess Celestia, her own formerly-beloved mentor, after rising suspicions of Celestia's true nature...

5th Oct 2011, 11:11 PM


New pages!

Finally managed to get some new pages up for this week. I can't wait until the introductions are done and the action picks up speed. There are a bunch of things where I want to go with this comic and I'm still exploring my possibilities. I hope to eventually begin diverging from the main storyline of the show here and there and create some custom homemade panels. However this is still quite a bit away as the material provided by the show itself is very good in itself for the time being and allows for good reinterpretations.

If there are any questions just ask away and I'll gladly give you answers to my best capability. There have been a few people asking me what kind of release schedule I will be following. To be honest, I don't know either. What I've kind of settled on right now is a minimum of 3 pages per week released as a single bulk. Stay tuned and be sure to speak your minds regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative!

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